The Corner Building


Location                                   Heggedal, Asker, Norway

Building type                           Housing, shopping and parking

Client                                       Tandberg Eiendom AS

Size                                          4860 m2

Schedule                                  Completed 2018

Consultants                             Gullik Gulliksen AS

Entrepreneur                           Strøm Gundersen AS

Primary architects                   Einar Jarmund, Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg, Anders Granli,
       Jens Herman Næss, Martin Kandola, Mari Isdahl, Martin Blum-Jansen,

       Anders Bjørneseth, Ane Groven


The Corner building is a new mixed-use residential and commercial building in Heggedal, Norway.

Heggedal is a suburb of Oslo and Asker currently being developed as a commercial and residential centre for the surrounding areas. The Corner building is situated at a central junction in the town centre, articulating the main approach by rounding the corner on arrival.


The Corner building hugs an existing hill overlooking Heggedal. This creates a fan to the northeast, opening up vistas to the lake Gjellumvannet, whilst facing the future town-centre to the northwest. Simultaneously, this creates a more secluded and protective atmosphere with private and common recreational areas surrounding and ascending the hillside to the south.


The Corner building respond to neighboring buildings and greenery through the use of reflective and metallic surfaces, articulated by curvature of the building, the rhythm of the openings in the façade, and the balconies undulating form. The metallic expression is softened by the introduction of oiled oak on the entrance doors and the timber-slats to the underside of the balconies.

The project is comprised of six townhouses with private roof terraces that fan out in the building’s semicircle-shape, and 11 apartments in the orthogonal part of the building that respond to the differing heights and positions of its future neighbours.